Thursday 12th March

With Terry having a real commitment to introducing as many changes as possible to the local rides, this one continued the theme with 13 of us starting from ASDA Benton at 7:05 pm and heading out behind the trees to emerge on the gravel path following Whitley Road up to the top of Station Road.

We took the path across the railway line into Palmersville and out onto the Forest Hall Flyover, through the estate to the tarmac waggonway to Cobalt, straight through it and the golf course beyond then into Bluebell Woods. After a great blast from north to south we took a short breather before a well out of breath Leader ushered Colin straight back in to do the same run in reverse. Well I did say changes r us! The return run actually caused a bit of anxiety with quite a few of the peloton, that final overhanging tree and the perilously off-camber and vanishing ledge to the Burn threatening to spoil someoone's ride.

With the RL back in pole position we charged over the field towards Melton Park but not without another mystery tour into the trees on partially overgrown singletrack before meeting the still boggy edge of the farmlend beyond. There was just about enough of a strip of grass to get a wheel on without sinking, although that's what happened to a couple of the followers before we all dockerd safely on the bridleway. We rode through the estate and straight on up to East Brunton where once again Terry sprang a surprise by diving off the side of the road down that steep little cut that caused so many wet behinds a couple of seasons ago. Today though it was dry and easily negotiated, but we stayed away from the A1 this time and followed the culvery up to the head of the Great Park estate. When we climbed out of that one up to the sliproad, Colin was first over and he discovered a rare jump spot, just where you wouldn't expect it! I suspect the kids who built it were the same gang who were evicted from the Fish Farm some years ago. We rode around the jumps (not over them!) before popping out the way we'd come on a nice 100 metres or so of twisty trail and got up onto the road again.

That just left the Old Favourite, Gosforth Park, to complete the evening's entertainment, which it certainly did. Once again TK did most of the leading with Dan determined to give him no rest, although they couldn't escape the quicker massed ranks who now have a handle on most of the wiggly stuff, especially the Westerhope Branch.

We were back at the start, amazingly, for 9:50 pm after 17 or so miles, another cracking little ride and again at a decent pace. 

Here's my Strava trace:




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Thursday nighters are 10-25 milers, 7:00pm start at ASDA East car park, Benton, 3-3.5 hours and generally OK for fit new riders but you need decent lights you can see with, NOT CANDLES. You MUST wear a cycle helmet.

Sundays are generally much longer, 8:00am to 10:00am starts from ride venue ending around teatime, and much harder rides.

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