Thursday 5th February 2015

After another week of either cold or just grim weather led up to this night ride, so how many hardy lads and lasses would turn a wheel tonight?

Are we Cool or what?

Great ride tonight, rain didn't last very long (never does on a Thursday night you know!) and we all got pretty warm riding. Lucy's plum duff may have helped out there. Thanks to Colin Davison's inspired navigation we've found a very satisfying slice of BRAND NEW singletrack that dumped me into the brambles nicely. Actually it was Colin's fault when he got tangled up in brambles unexpectedly and the idiot directly behind was just too close to miss a collision.

I forgot to identify our two newest riders (guessed Adam & Chris?) but feel free to put me right please. And tonight we changed a ride we've done for about five years making it much better than it was!

Which ride? Royal Quays. This time we did it without actually getting there! Not as daft as it sounds, we rode off the Big Sticks trying not to damage the grass, down to the road but turned left instead of heading for the marina and meandered up the side of the burn through the Parks grounds. That took us into the end of Shields where we continued straight up the bank to Billy Mill before Colin shared his little treat on the way to Preston Grange.

Where next Colin?

We managed to avoid tarmac until well past the swimming pool before meandering through the houses to jump onto the path around the edge of the Rugby Club where speeds may have reached double figures! Next stop the remains of Northumberland Park as we twisted through the now restricted access looking for the nost satisying path. We exited at Tynemouth Metro for a bit of road work behind Colin as he led us down to the sea front and Lucy's Cake Stop in a bus shelter above the beach.

After ten minutes there we had cooled off again so time to go, with Arthur and Xanne joining Colin and heading north to Cullercoats and eventually home the short way. Terry took over up front and led through Tynemouth before turning to the riverside and coming unstuck at a dead end! Strange eh? At least we found what may well have been a nice little singletrack payoff, but unfortunately it looked like an unfinished symphony by footsloggers.

So it was back to tarmac as we toured along the Fish Quay and climbed up into Shields again at the ferry landing, before heading back into the park behind Royal Quays and retracing our steps up the waggonway and home by 10:00 pm.

I can't find any Strava traces for this ride, sorry!

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