Sunday 22nd

Sun 22nd Jun 2014

Those present:

Mark S 
Mark R

Mark S reports on his Barrowburn to Windy Gyle ride:

4 of us set out today to ride up to the border ridge in the Pennines from a tiny little place called Barrowburn. To get there you have to go to Rothbury and keep going through Alwinton till you really can’t go much further as the tarmac runs out and its right on the edge of Otterburn ranges.

The MOD had the guns blazing for us on our arrival firing off in the distance. I reckon they were maybe aiming for the fell runners we seen as moving targets.

The loop went like this…

Barrowburn – skirting Lounges Knowe – Middle Hill – Hazely Law – upto the border ridge where England meets Scotland and is divided by a fence and a style. If Scotland has their way there may be passport control there soon – The very peek of the ride to Windy Gyle –Mozie Law - up and down to Beefstand Hill ( where a slight unintentional  detour was taken ) – Turning left at Lamb Hill to Yearning Law where Mark R found a new Geocache but he didn’t have a pen to write in the log book ( bummer ) – down to Blindburn where we met the final stretch back to the cars and were almost herded by a stealthy and very brave collie sheep dog which had the Who Dies Wins motto.

There was indeed a lot of climbing done on this ride as its one of the more physically demanding ride climb wise which gets you going straight from the off almost but what goes up eventually will come down so there was quite a few decent descents to be had, some shorter some longer.

The only off was when Mark S thought that break in the Pennine Way flagstone path was rideable however it was just a deep pool of mud. The kind which likes to stop your front wheel in 0.2 seconds. Although his back wheel was in the air he tried to pedal out of it. Pure defiance!

Lunch was had inside the big cairn at Windy Gyle itself for 20 minutes and much talk was about how well England had done in this world cup event.

We never got lost, we just went the wrong way for a bit…… down a big hill.

The scenery was fantastic and the weather was very kind to us as it was warm and not windy at all. I would not recommend this as a winter ride though.

Maximum elevation was about 600 metres, 16 miles on the clock and 4 and a half hours in the saddle.

4 of us all came away from todays ride happy, dry and a tiny bit exhausted.


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