Sunday 23rd

Sun 23rd Feb 2014

Bari offers his observations on Paul B's Grizedale Grind:

Excellent ride... What I got on the gps: 17.45 miles, average speed 3.0 mph (this includes all of the chatting and chilling en route), duration 5 hours 50 minutes. 

John I owe you fuel money, PM sent. Here is the map with my first write up (I need to work on my creative writing skills): (scroll down to the bottom.)

Much anticipation from my part because this would my second time being in the Lake District (ever). The night before I got everything ready... extra clothes, extra food and extra excitement! 

The day started at 0730 hours with a sprint to the Cave to find that it was dead! I rang Terry and no reply... have they left without me? Ahh crap, it is 0755 hours, how can they have left? A quick spring to the ASDA car park revealed nothing. I drove back to the cave to find Paul and Andy. We decided to head back to Asda but I took the wrong turn and went onto an adjacent road.... oops, sorry Paul. Luckily a big bright orange Land Rover turned up. It was John and Paul D. After a bit of a chin wag and checking the weather we decided to load up and head out.

I made my home in the back of Johns beast. On the road, there was no sign off Paul and Andy but then suddenly they shot ahead. It turned out they had stopped somewhere (Macdonalds?) for breakfast. Our first stop in the Lakes was the Biketreks car park in Ambleside for Andy to buy a waterproof jacket... good investment!

I stripped of in the back to put pads on... to find I did not bring the right shorts... what a bloody farce. I had an un-nerving feeling about riding in the lakes without at least knee pads but fortunately it was not that bad.

The ride started with a hefty rocky climb (a little pushing). In hindsight it was not that bad, but at the time it seems horrendous. Some good efforts from John and Paul D to get up to the top. Paul B and Andy set the tone of the day and saved the energy for the descents.

Just before 1 mile in you will see that we were missing the trail in the woods. Paul B was looking for the trail that Terry had shown him 18 months earlier... only that everything looked different from 18 months ago. Brave Paul D hopped over a rocky stream to slip at the last moment and nearly get swept away! Hold on sailor! 

The first decent down Nancy Wood saw me with my brain switched off and straight down. Superb decent (they all were). Unfortunately we missed our turn off, which was half way down and ended up in Grizedale village, 3 miles into the ride. Paul B tweaked the gps and sorted out the route, a super superb single track climb with some rocky sections, switch backs and tad bits of north shore (I bottled out) took us up to 6 miles with a few breaks and natter in between.

The jovial mood was welcomed as well as the fairly mild weather and lack of a heavy downpour. One of these descents saw my first crash... more of a speed rush and tunnel vision leading me to plough my arm into the side of a hill... get sucked into the soft mud and my bike flip 180 degree the other way. Paul and John had a good laugh from it, first enquiring if I was ok of course. Paul D was up at his usual best, pumping and jumping of everything and John was loving the drop offs with Paul B our leader testing his forks for the Mega this year with Andy in hot pursuit.

The climbing seemed to get easier and just before 10 miles in me, John and Paul D climbed even higher for no reason! Labradoodle, Labrapoodle.... homosexual dogs... oh the profanity goes on and on and on! Paul D shot back to see where John and Andy were and after 30 seconds John got the feeling that he was not going to be coming back. We raced down to crack on with the ride.

The decent to Satterthwaite started at 10.65mi's in... bloody superb! it left everyone with arm pump (from the riding). It was three downhill sections broken up with a road between them, so it allowed everyone to regroup. We all took turns to lead out... I did the middle section to see John getting some air on the final drop off, looking good! At Satterwaithe, it was a welcome sight to see a pub to pick-up more water and this is where my problems all started... dreaded cramp! Apparently Andy had been suffering with it for a while, so now we formed a walking committee to save the last bits of energy for the up coming downs.

Somehow Paul D convinced me to do the 'Breasty Haw' descent... this was actually a really nice flowy trail with one short, sharp, blast of a climb. The other three scouted off to the next descent following the fire-road. I became a proper cropper for the second time. A loss of emotional control (I'm being a cry baby) a jab of the brake and off I went... hit some rocks and hit some more. Looking back it, if I just didn't bother and let the bike go, I could have slowed down after the rock slab and then rail the turn (next time....). Fortunately Paul D had some good reactions and avoided amputating off my right arm. A quick check of the bike, nothing broken just my bar end cap (still I want to cry about it) and off we went. At this point my cramp got really really bad. Paul scouted for the trail while I self massaged. There was a fell marathon race on and two of the runners told Paul B and John (at this point Andy had shot off to his cow/dog statue) that 'yes there is two bikers down there... one of them is on the floor doing something.' Fearing the worst John tracked back. I managed to loosen my legs and slogged up the climb with another two walkers. Paul D rode up getting the gates. 

The final descent saw us all with big grins for the final climb on road to the cars. Paul D had plenty of energy left as he rode up... rode down and then rode back up again. I had to stop and massage again before finally getting back to the cars. 

We left at the Lakes at ~1730 hours and back at Newcastle for ~2030 hours. One of the best rides I think I have done to date. Although at the end I did not remember to give John fuel money... oh no.

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