Who are Team Midaircrisis?

From humble beginnings...

Some time shortly after the year 2000 (ominous?) Midaircrisis was founded by a lone rider (Terry K) and a handful of pals. This small brotherhood of wannabe daredevils (laughable now when you watch the Red Bull Rampage boys in action, or even the local skate park kiddies!) decided to try riding faster on the lumpy stuff and so he derived the moniker midaircrisis, summing up quite well its founder's inability to make a decent landing. Taking off seemed relatively straightforward! Here's a great example - this is your editor just entering the trees at Spooky Wood, Glentress in January 2009, and to this day still suffering a double dislocation of the right shoulder after falling again on Super G just 10 minutes later! (the white stuff is indeed ice, we shouldn't have been there). Kindly photographed by a friend following much more slowly!

gollum down 

Recalling how bored he had been riding around solo (a very common situation for most riders at one time or another), and then joining a squad raising money for Macmillan Nurses by doing the Coast to Coast for year after year (yawn), he took it to the next level by creating NMBC as you see it now around 2007. That also saw the start of regular midweek evening rides and the membership began to grow with the help of several national cycling web sites and a few articles and mentions in the big MTB mags and simply word of mouth. Since then there have been a couple of thousand riders joining in a ride or three and twice as many requesting information but never making an appearance, which is a bit strange. The current "regular" troop is drawn from a selection of around 50 to 60 who appear at least a few times a year. Most members are in the 25 to 40 age group, the youngest 23 and the oldest 66. About 50 percent of the Club's members are "imports" to the North East who've come here either to attend University or for employment so you'll hear a good mixture of accents on a busy ride.


While the bulk of the Club simply become NMBC members, there has been (still is) historically an "inner circle" consisting mainly of riders who have either been reliable long-termers or more likely have been the ones who've ventured away on our long weekends or summer holiday weeks, together with the odd racer or any who've done good things with or on behalf of the Club. We try encourage the use of the "Team Midaircrisis" title for bulk entry events like 24 hour races, MTB Marathons or our long-time favourite Hairy Coo Race in Perth.


There's a ride planned every Thursday night which for obvious reasons stays local to our starting point, while weekend rides are traditionally on Sundays and have been known to get as far as Cannock Chase in Staffordshire which of course is too far to be a one-day regular.

Keep an eye on our FaceBook and Forum (full-screen link) pages as there's always someone with an extra ride idea perhaps a Sunday alternative closer to home, or a Saturday or weekend jaunt away, while Flexitime or holidays occasionally offer the odd extra midweek outing.

Just for reference, new members can glean more info about the Club's "foreign" adventures by asking any of the following regulars from the "MAC core group":

Chris D, Justin, Ian B, Mark R, Arthur, Ian M, Francis, David E, Matt, Lee E, Lucy, Amelia, Terry or one of the Pauls.


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Next Sunday Ride (plus other odd days) - See our Facebook page.

Next Night Ride: Thursday as usual.

Thursday nighters are 10-25 milers, 7:00pm start at ASDA East car park, Benton, 3-3.5 hours and generally OK for fit new riders but you need decent lights you can see with, NOT CANDLES. You MUST wear a cycle helmet.

Sundays are generally much longer, 8:00am to 10:00am starts from ride venue ending around teatime, and much harder rides.

Other ad-hoc rides are always being organised, see our Facebook page. Gloves, waterproof coat, snack and drink recommended. Carry basic tools.







The bigger the group, the louder the laughs!


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