Merry Christmas Reader, and a Happy New Year to you.

(fingers crossed!)

Well we did manage to squeeze in a few six-a-side outings up to Christmas so it wasn’t total closure after all, thank goodness!

The easing of some lockdown procedures enabled us to start riding again as a group after June. On September 17th good old Covid-19 once again contrived to foul up the works!

November now and we are, very sadly, having to pull all our 6-person rides once again following the latest lockdown measures. Hope to be back soon.

Every three months or so during times of normal usage, take your handlebar stem off and ease up or down the top and bottom headset bearings from their seats. Turn them carefully in any direction roughly 60 degrees. Put it all back together, grease them lightly if it makes you feel better (use waterproof grease). This will make them last a whole lot longer as they are only ever working withion an approximate 30 degrees left or right turn of the bars. You won’t see this tip anywhere else, it’s mine. Donations accepted 🙂

As from 1st February 2020 our contact e-mail address is now

our e-mail address

Next few rides: 
Thursday nights 7pm and Weekends (times vary)

We’ve been around now in various forms since 2000, and Newcastle was one of the last major UK cities to have its own MTB club thanks to a lonely figure who was fed up riding by himself. Since launching “formally” around 2007 almost 4,000 ladies and gentlemen have either turned out for at least one ride or e-mailed, ‘phoned or threatened to! To keep things simple we are an adult-only club, so over 18s only.

See our Facebook page, it being the main point of contact, so please use this link to visit us there and this link for our NMBC Girls page.
You can e-mail us at address above for more info.

see  our Facebook Events Page for more information.

To find us: head to the Asda superstore at Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne. We’ll be milling around the trolley park at the Wheatsheaf Hotel end of it from around 6:45pm on Thursday nights. Call in and ask for more info.

Bettablast for beadblasting and powder coating
Want your bike spruced up? This is THE place to take it! 
BUT NOTE bike frames are just a small part of what BettaBlast can do for you. Below are a couple of frames I’ve had done for my other discipline, Cycle Speedway Racing:

TK's CS bikes